Just because you take this course … doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to create amazing artwork of your own. You should be able to do SOMETHING cooler than what you’ve been doing, but I’m not able to guarantee anything.


I certainly can’t guarantee you will generate any kind of income with your art. It would be nice if you invested the time and effort into making that a reality — but again, who can say? (I know I can’t say.)


So if you’re getting this course, just know: it’s all on YOU.


What you do with it (or don’t do with it) and what you accomplish with your art (or fail to accomplish with your art), all of that depends on the work you put into it and your own natural artistic capabilities. Some people are just more artistic than others. I don’t know why.


Long story short, if you want to learn some cool new things you can do with painting, iphoneography, and mixed media, this course should give you that. But what you do with it . . . that’s up to you.